Code igniter validation

23 Apr

form validation matches problem · Issue #1957 · EllisLab/CodeIgniter Password callback_parameters … codeigniter-validate-url/MY_Form_validation.php at master … – GitHub codeigniter-validate-url – Adds one validation rule “valid_url” that accepts a url and one optional flag. cloudmanic/Codeigniter-Ajax-Forms-Validation · GitHub Codeigniter-Ajax-Forms-Validation – Make Codeigniter validation library work with ajax forms and still do server side validation. MY Validation · EllisLab/CodeIgniter Wiki · GitHub Category:Library::Validation | Category:Library::Community. Introduction. Instead of using callbacks to add rules you can add rules by … codeigniter form validation callback function

with multiple … 16 posts – 4 authors – 11 Mar 2011 I slapped that code together after searching google for examples. I am new to the explode code but do understand the purpose which is split … How to validate a Checkbox form in Codeigniter and re-populate …

3 posts – 3 authors – 19 Nov 2011 When I submit a checkbox form which is an array value and non-cheched form It doesn’t show me validation error such as ‘this field is required’ … Full name validation in codeigniter / Forums / Community / EllisLab 4 posts – 2 authors – 6 Sep 2012 Which validation rule is used to validate full name field in codeigniter. I need to place a validation rule that full name field should accept space … Code Igniter Custom Field Validation Not Working – Stack Overflow I created a custom validation in Code Igniter. I have the following code but the is_FieldUnique validation is not working. Even if I var_dump() … php – CodeIgniter – Form Validation callback issues – Stack Overflow 2 answers – 11 Mar Im wondering if someone can clear things up for me. In my codeigniter … The method cannot be private as the validation class is not able to … codeigniter captcha.


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